A fast and simple JSON and JSONP API for querying statuses from Gameservers and more.


The API is a GET request to

Where :type is one of:

  • source (CS:S, CS:GO, TF2, ARK, pretty much any game on Steam)
  • minecraft (Minecraft with server-query=true, supports SRV records)
  • minecraftping (Minecraft without server-query=true, supports SRV records)
  • mumble (Mumble server)

And :address is a dns record, ip address, or dns record/ip address and port combo (such as or

Responses are cached for 30 seconds, while timeouts/responses resulting in errors are cached for 5.


Responses are kept as consistent as possible, with gameservers having at least name, players, max_players, host_ip, and host_port.

Voice servers have users, max_users, host_ip, and host_port.

    name: "SERVER NAME",
    map: "ctf_turbine",
    folder: "tf",
    game: "Team Fortress",
    game_id: 440,
    players: 0,
    max_players: 24,
    bots: 0,
    type: "Dedicated",
    os: "Linux",
    public: true,
    secure: true,
    version: "3651233",
    host_ip: "",
    host_port: 27015
    name: "Server MOTD",
    version: "1.10.2",
    game_type: "SMP",
    map: "world",
    players: 1,
    max_players: 200,
    host_ip: "",
    host_port: 25565
    name: "MOTD",
    version: "1.10.2",
    players: 0,
    max_players: 300,
    host_ip: "",
    host_port: 25565
    version: "1.2.16",
    users: 0,
    max_users: 200,
    bandwidth: 128000,
    host_ip: "",
    host_port: 64738


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Questions, Suggestions, Requests

Send me an e-mail here if you wish to request a gameserver implementation, if something is wrong, you want to personally thank me, or tell me how much it sucks.